Mud Season March 23 2014

Mud Season in Vermont is the season in between Winter and Spring when all the snow and ice thaw turning everything to MUD.  With four dogs and two kids, I generally dread this time of year.  HOWEVER since this has been one of the longer and colder winters we have had in a while, I would WELCOME a little mud!!


Since we are still patiently awaiting Spring to make it's appearance, the Vermont Shop's re-opening will be a little delayed this year.  If Mother Nature can cooperate I am hoping by the end of April to have the doors open :)  We have been busy over the Winter buying and storing so we have lots of great things to open the shop with, so stay tuned!  In the mean time be sure to watch us on Facebook and in our new online store for lots of fun items!!


We look forward to seeing everyone in the coming weeks, till then - stay warm :)



Bri and Sally