A Very Important Bathroom October 05 2018

I purchased our home over 10 years ago, I was single and had a lovely Saint Bernard named Lola.  I remember thinking how was I ever going to fill all of the space.  Since then many new animals and humans have moved in, two dogs, one cat, one husband and three children and I no longer worry about how to fill all of the home’s space.  Needless to say the only full bathroom was no longer accommodating all of our needs.


We didn’t want to add another bathroom so decided to make the one we had work better.  After much brainstorming, that meant taking out a linen closet to make room for a double vanity.  This also opened up the footprint of the room.  

I made up for the lost storage by adding other cabinets in the bathroom and upstairs.  We had to spend quite a bit on plumbers to relocate and add a sink, as well as electricians to update all the wiring and add much needed lighting.  So that meant being creative in other ways to stay on budget.  We did that a couple of ways, one by using an old sideboard my parents no longer needed to use as our new double vanity.  The piece was well made and had great lines, but I wasn’t a fan of the finish.  I decided to strip the piece down, paint it black and update the hardware.

The other way we saved was by keeping the tub, it is original to the house from 1940 and in great shape with lots of years left in it.  I was excited to keep something original as well, you know how the saying goes “they don’t make things like they used to!”  


When designing the space I wanted to keep it traditional to the house so splurged on a marble counter top and picked a classic basketweave tile for the floors.  This photo from Farrow and Ball became my inspiration for the color scheme, including the matching cat!  

It was a long month without a shower (thank you to everyone who let me borrow their showers!) but we are so glad we did it.  When you only have one full bathroom and a family of five, it becomes very important that it is the RIGHT bathroom!