Brimfield in September September 05 2014

The Brimfield Antique Show is on our Calendars every May, July and September.  Sally is there as we speak, solo!  with Beatrice going back to school this week, I stayed here in Vermont.  Despite the unexpected heat, Sally loaded/unloaded the trailer and setup the 20'x40' tent with all of our best finds.  As usual we were pleased to have returning customers visit us on opening day, all walking away with great pieces and lots of smiles...


Despite manning the tent all by herself, Sally has had a chance to get out and do some buying as well!  Here are some great baskets that will be making their way back to the Vermont Shop...



September is the last show of the Brimfield season, so until May we say goodbye to all our Brimfield customers, fans and friends!  we thank you for the successful shows and we will be back at it in the Spring!



Brianne and Sally